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4, R. Okipnoy st Kiev, 02002, UKRAINE
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Cup Filling Machine CFM-2L

Cup Filling Machine CFM-2L
  • Product to be packed: Yogurt, Lala, Sour Cream, Mayonnaise, Mustard Paste, Honey
  • Dosing volume: 150-500 ml
  • Speed, max.: 55-60 cups/min
  • Cup material: Plastic cups
  • Lid material: Aluminum
  • Voltage: 380 V, 50 Hz
  • Power: 2 kW
  • Compressed air, max.: 900 litres/min. at 6 bar
  • Dimensions: 2400 x 1200 x 1900 mm
  • Programmable Logic Controller: Unitronics (Israel)
  • Entire frame & guards of the machine is made of stainless steel SS304 with protective acrylic covers and door handles
  • Parts which are in contact with product made of stainless steel SS316
  • Drive unit for cup & lid-holder disc (there are pins around the cavity on rotary turret to hold the lids. The cups magazine has a step to hold the cups during discharge)
  • Piston filler for viscous products
  • Cup feeder to turret with vacuum cup
  • Magazine for top aluminum lid loading & lidding unit (precut lids)
  • Lid sealing device
  • “NO cup – NO filling” system
  • Inkjet printer for date coding
  • Cup discharge unit with conveyor length = 1 metre
  • Electric cabinet with control panel & 5.8” Colour touch screen. All operating switches are away from moisture areas. PLC brand – Unitronics
  • A mechanical drive turns the rotary turret and stops at each station for undertaking individual functions in automatic mode
  • The empty cup is first discharged into the cavity of the rotary turret by a special vacuum system. It is then transferred under the cup filler. A pair of sensors detects the position of the cups and the filling stations provide the set dosage into the cup. In case of non-detection of the cup there is no dose dispensed by the piston filler. The filling process is carried out automatically and filling accuracy is about 0.5 – 1%. The product hopper has a capacity of 30 litres
  • The filled cup is then transferred on the rotary turret to the lid placement station. Lids are taken by vacuum cup from the magazine and are gently placing on the cup
  • The lid is then sealed on to the cup by heat sealing. At the same time, date is embossed on the bottom of the cup by heat (standard version)
  • A plastic lid may be placed & snapped onto the ready cup (option)
  • The cup is then discharged on to a belt conveyor (1 metre) for collection & final packing into cartons
  • Modified filler design for working with products having suspended particles
  • Unit for lifting and rotation of cup for uniform filling for high viscous products)
  • Unit for placing and closing of plastic lid on the cup
  • Stand-alone product hopper with heating (for hot products) and agitator- (for highly viscous products)
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