4, R. Okipnoy str. Kyiv, 02002, Ukraine
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4, R. Okipnoy str. Kyiv, 02002, Ukraine
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MILKPACK ESL is intended for filling and packaging of liquid products with an extended shelf life (30-40 days) in “pillow” pouch with a side seal of the bag.
MILKPACK machines are highly automated and demonstrate high productivity.

Our company is a manufacturer and we undertake installation & commissioning of our equipment across the globe.

 Products to be packed: filling of UHT milk, ESL milk, flavored milk and fruit drinks (juices).

ESL Packaging

Packing of product in clean & sterile environment that allows filling of ultra pasteurized and UHT milk:

  • Film disinfection system by hydrogen peroxide (H2O2);
  • System of UV lamps for drying film and additional anti-bacterial treatment;
  • HEPA filter for creation of clean sterile air around the product;
  • “Tube-in-tube” filling system;
  • CIP system;
  • Aseptic valves for separating filling and cleaning areas;
  • Contact of product with ambient air is eliminated.

Overall, ESL system prevents product from contamination by packaging material or ambient air.

SPEED* up to 2000 pouches/hour
FILLING RANGE 200 - 1000 ml
SHELF LIFE OF MILK  30-40 days at room temperature, up to 90 days at storage temperature 2-70C
POWER SUPPLY, MAX 1,5 kW, 380 V, 50 Hz
AIR CONSUMPTION** ~ 32 m3/hour
PACKAGING MATERIAL 5-layer polyethylene film with an internal black layer; thickness - 80-90 microns, width - 320 mm
FILLING ACCURACY ± 0,5-1,5% [depending upon bulk density of product, constant product level in the product tank (for liquids),
proper maintainence]
OVERALL DIMENSIONS** , (W x L х H) 2710 x 1100 x 2860 mm
* Depending on bag sizes, product features
** Depending on the final configuration
  • Full Sanitary - housing and all parts in contact with the product are made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Servo driven film feed - provides precise and smooth film feed
  • PLC-based control system- all data of the production process (sealing temperature, output, bag length, etc.) are displayed on the touch screen
  • Self Diagnosis – PLC automatically diagnoses and displays up to 20 alarms
  • Reduce changeover times - The PLC stores parameter settings for various film-product combinations that can be quickly recalled from the touch screen
  • Sterilization and disinfection - the packaging film supply unit is completely isolated from the external environment; the film, on both sides, is continuously sterilized in a hydrogen peroxide bath; before entering the filling chamber, hydrogen peroxide residues are effectively removed from the surface of the film; system of ultraviolet lamps for film drying and additional bactericidal treatment
  • Filling  system - the design of the dispenser is fully adapted to the connection of a CIP-washer: it is possible to completely rinse all surfaces and cavities without the need to disassemble any elements of the dispenser
  • Seam sealing – by continuous heating
  • Flexible integration with any brand of sterilizer (UHT) or aseptic tank
  • Quick switch from touch screen to other pack sizes (200ml, 500ml, 1000ml)
  • Pneumatics - Festo and Camozzi
  • Film bonding system when changing roll
  • Innovative solutions - saving on spare parts and consumables
  • Outfeed conveyor for filled packets
  • Autonomous CIP system 
  • Automatic counting and crating system for packets
  • Thermal transfer printer
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