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4, R. Okipnoy str. Kyiv, 02002, Ukraine
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Machine model ASP, packet forming machine

Automatic machine model ASP is designed to form empty “Doypack” pouches with open top from a roll of laminate film. These pouches are further used for filling various types of products and sealing manually or on packaging machine ADM.

The standard machine is used for making of Doypack packets (standard, figured or packet with zip-lock), bottom K-seal packets and 2 / 3-side sealed “Sachets”.

Doypack is a versatile type of package. It is possible to pack a wide range of liquids, viscous products, solids, powders and small sized food products, as well as non-food products in Doypacks. These type of packets are widely used to pack products in the food, chemical, cosmetic & pharmaceutical industries when there is a need for innovative and esthetic packaging.

Frame and side coverings are made in stainless steel. The machine is equipped with protective acrylic guards and an automatic system for stopping the machine during working upon opening any door (option).


Speed, max.* 50 pouches/min.
Packaging material Multilayer film
Pouch width, max. 240 mm
Pouch length, max. 350 mm
Roll diameter, max. 500 mm
Electricals 380 V, 50 Hz
Power**, kW 5
Air consumption**, m3/min (0.6 Bar) 0.45
Dimensions**, mm. 5000x1500x1500
Weight**, kg., max. 900
*Speed depends on packet size, type & quality of packaging material, etc.
** depends upon final machine configuration 
  • Film saving - requires less than 10 m during changeover to another packet format
  • Complete sanitary design - machine body and assemblies made of stainless steel
  • Programmable logic controller and Colour touch screen of Mitsubishi make smooth machine operations and easy parameter settings
  • Universal machine for making various kinds of packets
  • Easy & quick changeover to different packet formats saves time
  • Unwinding of film roll
  • Hole punching for bottom sealing (for Doypack packets only)
  • Film folding and packet bottom forming
  • Sealing the bottom of stand-up pouch (for Doypack packets only)
  • Sealing of vertical seal
  • Cooling of seals
  • Cutting of Doypack packets
  • Stacking of ready packets in a magazine
  • Module for making of bags with “zip-lock”
  • V-notch for ease in opening of bag
  • Euro-slot hole or Round hole for display hanging
  • Bag with rounded corners
  • Module for making figured bags
  • Changeover parts for making of 2 – 3 sided sealed Sachets
  • Quick changeover parts for bags with different dimensions
  • Bags with cut corner for subsequent spout sealing
  • Figured sealing of bag top
  • UV light for film sterilization
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