4, R. Okipnoy str. Kyiv, 02002, Ukraine
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4, R. Okipnoy str. Kyiv, 02002, Ukraine
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Semi-auto Cup Filling Machine K3
K3 is a semi-automatic filling and sealing machine for packing liquid and viscous products in cups with aluminium foil sealing.

CFM series - for packing in cups.

Product to be packed: Yogurt, Lala, Jam, Pastes, Soya sauce


  • Compact and easy to operate - the machine does not need skiled operator
  • Easy and quick changeover to different cup formats saves time
  • Touch screen for parameter settings provides ease of operation
  • High hygiene level - complete machine body and all parts in contact with products from Stainless steel 
  • The machine is robust and requires minimum maintenance
  • Universal filler for filling liquids as well as viscous products
  • Service back-up ensures smooth operation and profits.
SPEED*, max. 12 cups/min. (700 cups/hour)
FILLING RANGE 100 - 500 ml. or 10 - 70 ml.
CUP MATERIAL Plastic cups, rectangular/square containers
POWER SUPPLY**, max. 0.4 kW, 220 V, 50 Hz
OVERALL DIMENSIONS**, (W x L х H) 800 x 900 x 1500 mm
WEIGHT** ~ 175 kg
* depending upon size and format of cups, product characteristics and optional equipment 
** depending upon final machine configuration 
  • Semi-automatic cup filling machine “K3” consists of a turret with five compartments for filling and moving the cup.
  • Functions in automatic mode include: dosing of product, placing & sealing of aluminum foil lid
  • Functions in manual mode: putting empty cups, turning turret by one position and removing filled cups.
  • Product hopper (with heating and agitator optional for hot filled products)
  • Magazine for top aluminium lid;
  • Sealing for top aluminium lid;
  • Complete set of changeable rings for one set of cups (with neck diameters Ø75 mm or 95mm).
  • Programmable logic controller
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