4, R. Okipnoy str. Kyiv, 02002, Ukraine
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4, R. Okipnoy str. Kyiv, 02002, Ukraine
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Linear Tubs Filling (Bucket filling) Machine ATM-2.
Machine series АТМ is suitable for packing liquids, viscous and solids in plastic tubs with subsequent closing by plastic lids.

Our company is a manufacturer and we undertake installation & commissioning of our equipment across the globe.

Products to be packed: 
Liquid and viscous: sour cream, lala, mayonaisse, yogurt, ghee, mustard paste, tomato paste, ketchup, processed cheese, etc. 
Solids: fitness products, washing powder, nuts, etc.

Packaging in tubs - is a convenient and reliable means of packaging for products in big quantities. It is widely used primarily in the HoReCa segment.

Main advantages of packaging products in tubs include:

- the packaging material used is Polypropylene that is robust and reliable;
- light weight;
- low cost;
- high shelf life with nitrogen flush;
- easy for storage and transportation.
SPEED*, max. 15 tubs/min. (900 tubs/hour)
FILLING RANGE 500 - 1000 ml.
TUB MATERIAL Plastic tubs (round, rectangular/square containers)
POWER SUPPLY**, max. 0.6 kW, 380 V, 50 Hz
OVERALL DIMENSIONS**, (W x L х H) 1600 x 900 x 1400 mm
WEIGHT** ~ 170 kg
* depending upon size and format of tubs, product characteristics and optional equipment 
** depending upon final machine configuration 

  • High hygiene level - complete machine body and all parts in contact with products from Stainless steel 
  • Quick changeover to different cup formats saves time
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC) and Sensor touch screen provides ease of operation
  • The machine is robust and requires minimum maintenance
  • Service back-up ensures smooth operation and profits
  • Different types of fillers depending upon product characteristics
  • De-nesting of tubs from magazine
  • Linear movement of tub
  • Filling of set product volume
  • Placing of plastic lid on tub
  • Leak-proof closing of plastic lid
  • CIP connectors for easy cleaning
  • Ultravoilet (UV) lamp for sterilization of tubs
  • Filler depending upon the product characteristics:
    • Piston (for liquid and viscous products)
    • Flowmeter (for liquid and viscous products)
    • Weigh filler (for solids)
    • Volumetric cup (for granular products)
    • Auger (for powders)
  • Module for sealing tubs with film cut from a roll
  • Inert gas flushing before lidding
  • Jacketted product hopper with stirrer for hot filled products
  • Labelling machine
  • Printer for date coding on label or tub
  • Collection table for filled tubs
  • Automatic product feeding system to product hopper 
  • Autonomous cleaning system (CIP) for machine
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