4, R. Okipnoy str. Kyiv, 02002, Ukraine
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4, R. Okipnoy str. Kyiv, 02002, Ukraine
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Bottle Filling Monoblock MFC

Monoblock for filling and capping model MFC-2 with intermittent motion is used for filling liquid & viscous products in PET and HDPE bottles with capping by plastic pilfer-proof caps.

This machine is used in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries for filling a wide range of products.

Products to be packed
Food products: Milk and dairy products, Edible oil, Condensed milk, Mayonaisse, Ketchup, Sauces, Juice drinks, etc.
Non-food products: Shampoo, Creams, Gel, Liquid cleaning products, Liquid Fertilizer, etc.

Bottle type PET, HDPE 
Speed*, max. 1500 bottles/hour
Filling range 100 - 1000 ml
Bottle diameter, max. 150 mm
Bottle height, max. 300 mm
Number of filling nozzles** 2
Number of capping heads 1
Electricals** 2.5 kW, 220/380V 50Hz
Air consumption** at 6 Bar 200 litres/min
* depending upon size and format of bottles, product characteristics and optional equipment 
** depending upon final machine configuration 

  • High hygiene level - complete machine body and all parts in contact with products from Stainless steel
  • Quick changeover to different bottle formats saves time
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC) provides reliability and good working speed
  • Sensor touch screen provides ease of operation
  • Self-diagonistics system - all emergency situations are displayed on touch screen that provides easy & quick trouble shooting along with solutions
  • Up-down filling nozzles minimize foaming of product during filling 
  • The machine is robust and requires minimum maintenance
  • Scope of supply - cap orientation system, infeed and outfeed conveyors included in standard scope of supply
  • Service back-up ensures smooth operation and profits.
  • Entire frame & guards of the machine is made of stainless steel SS 304 with protective acrylic covers and door handles
  • Universal Piston filler for viscous & liquid products
  • Automatic cap orientator, feeder and capping unit 
  • “NO bottle – NO filling - NO capping” system
  • Bottle infeed and discharge on conveyors with length = 1 metre
  • Electric cabinet with control switches & Colour touch screen.
  • All operating switches are away from moisture areas. 
  • Station 1: Bottle transfer from conveyor to turret
  • Station 2: Sensor for detecting bottle presence
  • Station 3: Filler - 1
  • Station 4: Filler - 2 
  • Station 5: Cap placement
  • Station 6: Capping unit
  • Station 7: Empty
  • Station 8: Filled bottle discharge on outfeed conveyor
  • Parts in contact with product made of Stainless steel SS 316L
  • Fillers for solids & powders - volumetric & weigh fillers
  • Modified filler design for working with products having suspended pieces 
  • Product hopper with heating (for hot products) and agitator- (for highly viscous products)
  • Laminar flow system based on HEPA filter (ULTRA CLEAN version)
  • Inkjet printer for date coding
  • UV lamp for bottle sterilization
  • Rinsing system for bottles
  • Independent CIP unit
Other packaging types of interest