4, R. Okipnoy str. Kiev, 02002, Ucrania
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4, R. Okipnoy str. Kiev, 02002, Ucrania
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Filling via spout for premade packets ADM-GP

This machine, model ADM-GP, is designed for filling viscous products such as jam, preserves, fruit and peanut butter, processed cheese into ready-made doypack bags with a pre-welded central fitting and subsequent sealing with a lid.

Machine operations that are performed in automatic mode: rotating the rotary table, blowing the bag, filling the bag with the product, placing and twisting the lid (cap), unloading the finished product, feeding the caps (optional).

Machine operations that are carried out in manual mode or are optionally performed automatically: feeding the bag, feeding the caps into the cassette.

Liquid and viscous products
DOSAGE VOLUME (ML) AND DOSAGE RANGE Possible range: 20-100 / 50-200 / 100-400 ml
PRODUCTIVITY, MAX. ** 10-20 packets per minute
TYPE OF PACKAGING  Ready doypak with the central union that separately with a cap on the fitting
* Size of inclusions more than 3x3x3 mm is not allowed.
** Performance depends on the characteristics of the product, the dosage volume, 
as well as on the equipment of the machine, including the qualifications of the operator.
Basic set:

  • Frame and claddings are made of stainless steel;
  • Protective acrylic fences and door handles;
  • The rotary table drive is pneumatic;
  • Universal piston - pneumatic dispenser for viscous (pasty) products;
  • Food tank with heating and stirrer (scraper);
  • Washing program, outlet for detergent solution under the "spout" of the dispenser;
  • Unit for feeding and placing the caps "Rail";
  • Node for supplying packages "Cassette";
  • Cap twist unit;Unloading unit for finished products;
Optional equipment:

  • Hopper orientator for automatic feeding of caps (lids);
  • Second filling valve for the dispenser (valve and pneumatic cylinder);
  • Ultraviolet lamp;
  • CIP sink;
  • Triep printer including a set of numbers (0-9, 1, 2 - 12 pcs.), A block (month, year) - 12 pcs. and fastening parts