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4, R. Okipnoy str. Kyiv, 02002, Ukraine
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Filling and packaging equipment solves one of the important tasks for both manufacturers and consumers - it provides the goods to the buyer in a convenient form and ensures their safety.

We can list many functions that filling machines perform, but the main ones are:

  • ensure the correct dose of the product;
  • fill the container with the product;
  • qualitatively and reliably pack the product..

At the same time, it is important to obtain the required performance of the equipment, to ensure the safety of the product properties, its storage and to give the packaging an attractive appearance.
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Naturally, different products have their own preferred, traditional types of packaging and their own ways of packing the product, which means that each product has its own filling and packaging machines designed specifically for this product.

Filling and packaging equipment offered by NHM Limited:

MILKPACK series - for packing in PE bag

CFM series - for packing in cups

DOYPACK equipment - for packing in doy-pack bags

ATM series - for packing in buckets

Filling lines - PET bottle filling

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Main packaging products:

milk, sour cream, kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt, mayonnaise

sour cream, yogurt, curd mass, chocolate paste, soy sauce, melted cheese, breakfast cereals

mayonnaise, ketchup, condensed milk, purees and jams, coffee, cocoa, tea, cereals, sugar, spices, milk powder, breakfast cereals, liquid soap, liquid and viscous detergents, washing powder, animal feed

sour cream, yogurt, mayonnaise, ketchup, jams, curd mas

milk, liquid and viscous dairy products, drinking yoghurt, ayran


NHM Limited  manufactures equipment that packs products both in finished containers (cups, doypacks, buckets, bottles, etc.), as well as equipment that forms containers and packs products into them (milk PE bags, doypacks and sachet, etc.).

What equipment, in what configuration, is suitable for your needs is not always clear, because you need to take into account many factors. Therefore, the question of how and which automatic filling and packaging machine to choose is relevant for each production.

NHM Limited  has extensive experience in this field, its own production of filling equipment for filling and packaging products in retail containers for food and non-food products.

Our experts are always ready to help you understand the features of packaging machines and help you choose the right equipment, taking into account the tasks.

For consultation, please fill out the QUESTIONNAIRE.